Monday, November 7, 2011

Tests and Appointments


Today Mylah went to Summerlin Hospital to have a VCUG test and Renal Ultrasound done. The VCUG would determine if she truly does have Grade 2 Hydronephrosis in her kidneys. And the ultrasound is a follow up from the original one she had done at birth.
Upon arrival at the hospital we checked in to Outpatient Testing and then waited a few minutes. I frantically fed Mylah so she would be calm for the test.
The ultrasound tech took us back first. Mylah did really well and laid still for the whole thing.
Next we went to have her VCUG done. They had to put a catheter into her bladder, inject some die and watch her bladder empty. This would check to see if her bladder is refluxing back up into her kidneys. She didn't even cry when they put the catheter in (she's one tough baby!) and she laid still the entire time they were taking pictures while her bladder emptied! She is such a good baby.
As far as the doctor could tell she doesn't have reflux. Now we have to go see the Urologist again to see what he has to say about the results of her tests.

Today Mylah went to another Pediatrician appointment. She weighs in at 10lbs. 2oz (75%) and she is 22.5 inches long (95%)! Her head circumference is 37 inches. She is growing really well and her doctor is impressed. She received her second Hep B shot today as well.


Mylah had her follow up appointment with the Urologist today, and it was good news!
Her kidneys have been down graded to Grade 1 Hydronephrosis, and don't have any reflux.
Such a blessing. She won't need to have another scan or test done for 6 months. We are hoping everything continues to go well with her kidneys.

We are so grateful that Mylah continues to do so well. We are truly blessed.

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